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Physical therapy is an integral part of rehabilitation and we use it in a targeted way to solve problems with the musculoskeletal system. Using gentle electrical impulses, it provides pain relief, promotes tissue regeneration and improves mobility.

At our clinics, we use the most modern devices from the company BTL, which are among the best on the market.

If you are dealing with pain or limited mobility, or with the consequences of an accident, electrotherapy is a gentle and effective choice. Our experienced therapists can offer you customised individual therapy to help you return to a full and active life.



Effective therapy focused on the musculoskeletal system helps to release muscle tension and relieve inflammation and pain in the spine. Also effective for the treatment of post-traumatic swelling and muscle soreness.

Vacuum compression therapy

A method based on alternating cycles of positive and negative pressure in a vacuum cylinder. It improves metabolism in the limbs, strengthens the venous system and reduces swelling. It is also suitable as prevention or for solving post-traumatic conditions.


Mechanical lymphatic drainage

A massage device acts on the lymphatic vessels and nodes with pressure waves. It is used in the treatment of swelling, after heavy muscle strain and in post-traumatic conditions. It is also effective in reducing cellulite, strengthening the immune system and detoxifying the body.

Shockwave therapy

A therapy based on the interaction of intense sound waves with body tissues, which supports the formation of collagen and elastin and improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Relieves joint, tendon and muscle pain.


One of the most popular methods of physical therapy. It affects tissue layers at different depths and has an analgesic, muscle relaxing and spasmolytic effect. It helps improve tissue regeneration and healing.

Low frequency ultrasound

This method also works with sound waves, but at a different frequency from classic ultrasound and has significant anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects. Effective for the treatment of muscle fatigue and muscle pain.

We believe that these therapeutic methods will help you achieve better movement and eliminate pain. Visit us and receive professional care from our team of exercise medicine experts. Your physical well-being is our top priority!



A type of therapy with a very low current intensity which accelerates the regeneration of post-traumatic and post-operative states and reduces pain by optimising the pH of the tissues.

Combined therapy

The most effective method of treating muscle trigger points. It combines electrotherapy with mechanotherapy, for example TENS with therapeutic ultrasound.

Träbert currents

Low-frequency pulsed currents with a fast analgesic effect are suitable for alleviating chronic joint pain, diseases of the locomotor apparatus and spine pain.

IF currents

Interference of two medium-frequency currents of different frequency that cross in the target tissue. They affect blood flow in the tissue and reduce pain. Suitable for acute and chronic problems and successfully used, for example, for lumbar spine pain.

Diadynamic (DD) currents

A series of direct currents used to improve tissue healing and blood flow, reduce pain and reduce swelling.


Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation sends electrical impulses to the nervous system and reduces pain and muscle stiffness. It helps with acute pain in the joints, spine, head and tendons.


EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) activates weakened muscles using electrical impulses, which is ideal for recovery after musculoskeletal injuries associated with nerve tissue damage. Regular application of EMS increases physical fitness and the condition of weakened muscles.

Tecar - Radiofrequency therapy is an innovative device which heats the affected tissue, promotes blood circulation and increases the efficiency of regeneration. Effective in the treatment of post-traumatic conditions and joint pain or increased muscle tension.


A non-contact and effective treatment method which works at a cellular level. With anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic and anti-edematous effects, it's suitable for the treatment of post-traumatic conditions, inflammation, swelling and degenerative and rheumatic diseases.

If you suffer from musculoskeletal pain, we have a wide range of therapies tailored to your individual needs. Visit us and let us help you improve your quality of life and mobility.


This therapy is ideal for ordinary patients in need of treatment for the inflammation of tendons and muscles or damaged tissues.

Laser therapy

This treatment has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and biostimulating effects. It is also suitable for the treatment of dermatological diseases.

12W/20W laser

The laser effectively relieves pain, accelerates scar healing by increasing collagen production and improves tissue regeneration overall. With a 12W/20W laser, we achieve results several times more effective than with conventional lasers, without side effects.

We believe that our modern devices and cutting-edge therapeutic methods will bring pain relief and strengthen the musculoskeletal system of our patients, thereby improving their mobility and quality of life.


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Fri 7:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

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Jaroslav Dotlačil
“Despite chronic back pain, thanks to the help of the team of doctors and therapists from CPMPK, I managed to return to a full life.”
Helena Drbohlavová
“Thanks to the care of the CPMPK team, my quality of life has improved. Complex therapy, an individual approach and tailor-made physiotherapy help me manage pain and difficulties associated with the musculoskeletal system.”
Michaela Králová
Client advisor at the bank
“After an ankle injury, I was under the care of Dr. Jiří Bek and his team. Their care cannot be described other than professional and kind. The rehabilitation was adapted to my condition and the staff was always kind and helpful. Thanks to them, I recovered quickly. Many thanks to Dr. Bek and the whole team for the great care and human approach!”
Matyáš Písačka
Deloitte Advisory, Consultant
“Fitness is an important part of a healthy lifestyle for my life. Thank you CPM for the intensive help on my journey.”
Dana Dvořáková
“"I no longer believed that my constant back pain would ever stop. In CPM, they helped me with my problems, but taught me to work with my own body correctly. First-rate care";”