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Cardiology and angiology are key fields which focus on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the heart and blood vessels. At the Pavel Kolář Centre for Movement Medicine, we provide outpatient care to a wide range of patients with heart and vascular diseases, with the possibility of follow-up inpatient care in faculty locations.

Our services include care for patients suffering from arterial hypertension, valvular heart defects, ischemic heart disease and other complications. We are also dedicated to minimally invasive therapy of the venous system, from panicle varices to difficult to heal vascular etiology leg disorders.

One issue where vascular medicine and rehabilitation medicine are directly connected is upper thoracic aperture syndrome, with which we can effectively help a wide range of patients.


Diagnostic methods

For a complete and accurate diagnosis, we offer a whole range of examinations, including vascular examinations with triplex Doppler ultrasound examinations, transthoracic echocardiography, ECG examinations and 24-hour ECG and blood pressure monitoring.

Comprehensive approach

At CPM, we emphasize comprehensive diagnosis and treatment. We look at the patient's problems from all possible angles. Teamwork with other disciplines, such as internal and physical medicine, rehabilitation, rheumatology, neurology and physiotherapy, is ensured through the sharing of patient records and medical councils.


Take advantage of superior care

The Pavel Kolář Centre for Movement Medicine is ready to provide you not only with top medical care, but also the option of choosing one of our annual programmes. Thanks to our approach and wide range of services, you can expect professional and personal care at the highest possible level.

Jaroslav Dotlačil
“Despite chronic back pain, thanks to the help of the team of doctors and therapists from CPMPK, I managed to return to a full life.”
Helena Drbohlavová
“Thanks to the care of the CPMPK team, my quality of life has improved. Complex therapy, an individual approach and tailor-made physiotherapy help me manage pain and difficulties associated with the musculoskeletal system.”
Michaela Králová
Client advisor at the bank
“After an ankle injury, I was under the care of Dr. Jiří Bek and his team. Their care cannot be described other than professional and kind. The rehabilitation was adapted to my condition and the staff was always kind and helpful. Thanks to them, I recovered quickly. Many thanks to Dr. Bek and the whole team for the great care and human approach!”
Matyáš Písačka
Deloitte Advisory, Consultant
“Fitness is an important part of a healthy lifestyle for my life. Thank you CPM for the intensive help on my journey.”
Dana Dvořáková
“"I no longer believed that my constant back pain would ever stop. In CPM, they helped me with my problems, but taught me to work with my own body correctly. First-rate care";”