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Prevention is part of a healthy lifestyle

Blog - 2021-06-29

The activities you do regularly, the environment you move in, the foods and medicines you regularly take, the people you spend time with, the thoughts and stories you engage with during the day, the sleep and its quality – all these components are part of your lifestyle. They have a big impact on your health precisely because they are a regular part of your lives.


How is it possible to look at a healthy lifestyle?

You cannot control a large part of the factors that you are exposed to during your life. Innate genetic disposition, socio-cultural environment or your learned movement and psychological reactions are immutable or difficult to change. Our task is to recognize, monitor and detect their impact on health in time.

But it is the first group of influences, although it is sometimes difficult to hear, that is fully in your hands.

Why is it good to stop?

Sometimes we allow ourselves to be crushed by time, by events, we feel that everything runs on its own without our contribution and the possibility of intervention. We are in tow. It is a good time to stop. Stop, take a breath and look around. Where am I? How I feel? What is changing? What is causing most of my negative feelings, thoughts or pain?

At such a moment, self-critical thoughts, excuses, placing blame on the surroundings, the environment, the situation often arise. But most of these negative thoughts are rather counterproductive, only leading to more guilt and remorse. What if, at such a moment, we looked with clear glasses, without embellishments or excuses, at the fact that life is difficult, complex and unpredictable. At this moment there will be space for the right thought.

Is there anything I can do to make myself feel better?

The answer, whatever the situation, is YES. I can. Either better now, at this moment or in the long term. A healthy lifestyle is therefore a sober view of our situation and possibilities and an effort to try to be the best possible version of ourselves. The possibilities and goals of each of us are different, but the process of looking for possible changes is a path worth taking. No one will guarantee you a long happy life without pain and in full health at the end of this journey. But if we follow it, we can feel that at least part of life is in our hands and we can control it.

How to be motivated in preventing diseases?

What would we like to do in twenty years? Such a question is interesting at any age and worth asking. Do I want to spend my time actively? Do I want to have a fresh mind and navigate current events? Read books? Work? Do I want to live without a lot of drugs and difficulties? Do I want to avoid injury? Do I want to continue the sport I'm doing? But it doesn't have to be just complicated wishes - someone likes to fly abroad, in twenty years they would still like to lift their suitcase into the cabin space by themselves, they would like to be able to walk around the sights or swim in a pond. Someone would like to sit in front of movies and TV without neck pain or work in the garden without back pain. We all see each other somewhere else, but what you can do to make your dreams come true is to think about them today. The prevention of chronic diseases and injuries should be motivated by this idea. Where do I want to be in ten, twenty years? What could prevent me from doing this?

How to correctly set realistic goals?

Putting these dreams into reality is not easy, but it is essential. Changes that are gradual and non-violent, feasible and clear will then be sustainable for you in the long term. We are not preparing for a running race in a month, we are preparing for a life that we wish to be of the highest possible quality for us and our surroundings.

What can you do today?

At our workplace, we offer you a comprehensive preventive examination focused both on the prevention of civilizational diseases such as diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes, oncological diseases, as well as examinations focused on the diagnosis of the locomotor system, your innate dispositions and movement possibilities.

What can we help you with and why is our approach unique?

What you will find exclusively with us is a personal approach, individual interpretation of examination results. Placement in your life story and situation. Designing procedures as best as possible, and most importantly working effectively on change that will lead to a better quality of your life.

Preventive inspection

Start prevention in time and do not wait for symptoms of diseases. We will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your health without unnecessary waiting. After completing the examination, you will receive a final report with the results of the examination, including further recommendations.

Learn more about preventive inspections .


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