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Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

Esophageal reflux disease is a disease which has a significant impact on quality of life. This widespread disease, which affects 20-25% of the global population, has many lifestyle risk factors.


Most often, RCHJ is manifested by heartburn, the return of stomach juices into the mouth, or pain behind the sternum when swallowing. In some cases, you may also experience hoarseness or a chronic cough. This disease can lead to erosive reflux disease, which can be diagnosed with a gastroscopic examination.


In addition to gastroscopy, a 24-hour pH measurement of the esophagus with impedance is standard in the investigation of RCHJ. This method makes it possible to distinguish pathological reflux from other causes of problems, even when antireflux treatment is left in place. A significant advantage is the possibility to prove the connection of problems with reflux. Examination plays a key role, particularly in patients who do not feel optimum relief after antireflux treatment or in whom RCHJ is not clearly confirmed.

Comprehensive treatment

In our centre, treatment consists of close cooperation between a gastroenterologist and a physiotherapist. The combination of medical treatment, breathing exercises and manual techniques focusing on the area of the diaphragm guarantees comprehensive care. A significant advantage is the possibility to prove the connection of problems with reflux and to reduce the need for antisecretory medication.

Evaluation and physiotherapy

High resolution esophageal manometry is key for evaluating esophageal motility, esophageal sphincter function, and for diagnosing other diseases such as esophageal achalasia. Physiotherapy treatment is suitable for a wide range of patients with reflux problems, as it can improve the function of individual components of the anti-reflux barrier.

Advanced technology

24-hour esophageal pH monitoring with impedance and high-resolution esophageal manometry are currently the most modern methods which provide an accurate diagnosis of reflux disease and other functional esophageal diseases.

Personal consultation

If you suffer from symptoms such as heartburn, the return of gastric juices to the throat and mouth, or there is a suspicion of reflux disease of the esophagus accompanied by problems other than those mentioned above, and you want to solve the problem comprehensively, make an appointment with our gastroenterologist MUDr.


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