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Spring runs: Preparing for the season and the importance of recovery

Blog - 2024-03-25

As nature begins to come to life and the radios announce the early blooming of the apricot trees, many of us feel it's time to get back on the cross-country trails. The start of spring is a long-awaited period for many running lovers. However, before putting on running shoes, it is crucial to ensure that they are in perfect technical condition. It's a good idea to remember how long they've been serving us and consider replacing them if they've been through a few seasons or races. Last but not least, attention should also be paid to the preparation of the body. In the morning before the run, we should do a thorough warm-up so that our body properly prepares for the upcoming physical load. We should not only warm up all the joints, but also stretch and strengthen the muscles to prevent possible injuries.

Principles for healthy running training and the importance of rest

When it comes to running frequency and intensity, we should set realistic goals that match our capabilities. Instead of trying to increase the mileage in March with the aim of breaking a personal record at the Prague Half Marathon, it may be better to focus on a more comfortable top ten in May. The training plan should alternate days of active running with days when we engage in other forms of exercise, such as swimming, yoga, or even volleyball. It is important that rest days are active, with an emphasis on stretching and strengthening to aid in recovery and prevent overuse. In conclusion, when designing a training plan, we should take into account how much load our body can handle and incorporate enough rest, quality food and sleep into our lives so that we can enjoy running without the risk of fatigue or injury. Let's remember that the key to maintaining the joy of running is a balanced approach that respects the limits of our body.

Improve your running style with our individual care

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced runner, our individual running style analysis is here to help you reach your goals safely and efficiently. We use advanced kinematic analysis with 2D recording of your movement to reveal key aspects of your running that can be optimized for better performance and injury prevention. You will not only get a detailed analysis of your running stride, but also specific recommendations to correct any deficiencies. For more information and the possibility of ordering, visit our offer Individual care - For athletes - Analysis of running style.


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