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About us - Our team - M.Sc. Gabriela Kočí

Mgr. Gabriela Kočí


My path to physiotherapy was not straightforward. Although it saved me many times during my professional volleyball career as a junior and allowed me play freely, I was convinced of my future in the legal environment. I was accepted and enrolled at the Faculty of Law, but fate had a different plan and I ended up in the first year of physiotherapy at the last minute, in anatomy and physiology lectures. Gradually I fell in love with the field and today I can't imagine that I would ever do anything else.

The human body and its incredible variability and strength never ceases to amaze me and every day I am honestly amazed at what it can do. Thanks to studying psychotherapy, the connection between "psyche" and "somatics" opened up for me and allows me to see a person in all their complexity.

I am professionally engaged in gynecological physiotherapy, I love working with children and neurological patients.

My personal love remains volleyball, as well as time in the countryside, ideally with friends.


Highest education achieved: Master's degree
University, bachelor's FTVS UK, master's 2nd LF UK
Year of graduation: 2019

2022 – present – 5-year psychotherapy training in Daseinanalysis

Courses completed and certificates

03/2023 – DNS leg – Mgr. Susan
01/2023 – DNS FIT KID – Mgr. Urbářová
01/2023 – Diastasis – active therapy – Mgr. Gruberová, Mgr. Kracíková
11/2022 – Diastasis – Mgr. Gruberová, Mgr. Kracíková
11/2022 – Diastasis – manual treatment – Mgr. Gruberová, Mgr. Kracíková
06/2022 – Activity during pregnancy – Mgr. Gruberová, Mgr. Jiráková, A. Kohoutová
06/2022 – Complex therapy of trigger points and global reciprocal muscle inhibition – PhDr. Bitnar
03/2022 – Neurological examination in physiotherapy – MUDr. Lachman
03/2022 - Mobilisation in the context of muscle chains - PhDr. Bitnar
11/2021 – Palpation anatomy course – Mgr. et Mgr. Voráčová, Mgr. Kodríková, Mgr. Tolar
11/2021 – DNS course – Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization of AD – prof. Kolář, Mgr. Havlíčková, PhDr. Marcela Šafářová, Ph.D., Mgr. Doubková
10/2021 - Viscerovertebral relations course with a focus on gastroesophageal reflex therapy - PhDr. Bitnar
09/ 2021 – Myofascial chain dynamics course I. – PhDr. Small, PhD.
08/2021 – Course in therapy for pelvic floor dysfunctions – Mgr. Havlíčková
05/2021 – Pelvic floor webinar – Mgr. Klára Vomáčková
02/2019 – Vojta method course for universities – Mgr. Skaličková – Kováčiková, Mgr. Machačová, Mgr. Kutín, Mgr. Pospíšilová, Švecová
02/2019 – Knee, ankle and flat foot in physiotherapy – Mgr. Máčiková, B.Sc. Dvořák
09/2018 – Diaphragm therapy course focusing on esophageal reflux – Mgr. Bitnar
04/2018 – Stretching course in the context of physiotherapy and sports training – Mgr. Shadek
08/2016 - Language course IELS Malta - Institute of English Language Studies
11/2015 – Relationship coaching and personal development course - Dating agency Date2

Conferences and workshops

Scientia moves 2019 – contribution awarded 3rd place by the jury


2020 - present Pavel Kolář Centre for Movement Medicine

2020 - present UK FTVS - Department of Physiotherapy - Assistant Professor

2018 - 2020 Wheelchair Club Prague

2019 3 month volunteer internship at the Greater regional Accra hospital in Ghana

2018 - 2019 Physiolife

2017 - 2018 JMJ Reha&Spa s.r.o., Physiotherapy and Medical Rehabilitation Center

2017 2 week professional at Dominiek Savio Institute in Belgium


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Fri 7:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

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