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Why choose the Junior card?

Blog - 2023-08-01

Does your child suffer from back pain? Does he have flat feet? Does he move a little? Or is it on the contrary overloaded from a one-sided sport? If you answered yes to at least one of the questions, it's the right time to visit CPM and improve your teen's movement stereotypes with our annual Junior Card program.


Active child, healthy child

More than 81% of teenagers worldwide are not active enough. They risk their health by a sedentary lifestyle, in front of the screen instead of moving outside, according to the results of research by the WHO.

WHO is calling for an active and quick solution and delivery of a proposal on how to involve the government and individual organizations in improving children's physical health indicators.

It recommends an average of at least 60 minutes of moderate to demanding physical activity per day for children and adolescents aged 5 to 17 years. Furthermore, children should perform very demanding physical activities aimed at strengthening muscles at least 3 times a week. He recommends minimizing time spent sitting, and especially time spent in front of a digital media screen.

Sufficient movement is a basic building block

Children who do not have a sports-oriented interest group and who do not move independently enough, usually suffer from a lack of exercise. Physical education is nowhere near sufficient in terms of time to compensate for children's sedentary lifestyle.

But even young athletes do not always win. A number of hobby sports clubs allow intensive movement for children and adolescents, but such movement is not always comprehensive and versatile. The trend is often to specialize in sports from early childhood. One-sided overloading or the habit of pathological motor stereotypes then occurs.

CPM and children's health

The Center for Exercise Medicine now offers a new program for the care of teenagers. The program includes an initial examination of children aged 10-18 years by a rehabilitation doctor and a physiotherapist. Examination of basic postural and movement patterns, creation of a rehabilitation plan aimed at correcting sitting, standing and poor movement habits. Furthermore, a plantogram examination – or standing analysis based on the load on the soles of the feet and an examination by a sports doctor. The result of our program will be a comprehensive insight into the body structure and movement of the child over time, an effort to influence or compensate for incorrect movement habits. Furthermore, in cooperation with the teenager or his parent, we will try to propose a plan for how and what kind of movement to include in everyday life so that the child develops comprehensively physically and intellectually, and compensates for the ever-increasing demands for remaining in a forced sitting position. But above all, we will try together to find a way to movement as such, which should be an integral part of every day for both children and adults.

Junior basic card

What kind of care does our program, which is aimed at teenage children, include.

Author of the article: MUDr. Šárka Ducháčková


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